Cacao Matina1-6 Genome v2.1

Analysis Name Cacao Matina1-6 Genome v2.1
Software MECAT, QUIVER (N/A)
Date performed 2020-11-11

Theobroma cacao Matina1-6 v2.1 Release

From this page you can read about the genome sequence assembly statistics and annotation protocol, browse and download the whole v2.1 genome sequence; predicted gene transcripts, their locations and putative function based on homology to known genes in Arabidopsis and SwissProt. You can BLAST your sequences against the genome sequence, and the predicted gene transcripts and peptides. You can search and browse the chromosomes, contigs, markers, and genes in JBrowse and view the evidence for each prediction and feature.

Genome v2.1 Statistics

The resulting pseudomolecules (numbered 1-10) capture 98.7%% of the  assembled sequence.


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Organisms Theobroma cacao

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Cacao Genome Sequence (v2.0)
Scaffolds (FASTA file, 97MB compressed) Tcacao_523_v2.0.fa.gz
Scaffolds  w/ soft masked repeats (FASTA file, 101MB compressed) Tcacao_523_v2.0.softmasked.fa.gz
Scaffolds  w/ hard masked repeats (FASTA file, 50MB compressed) Tcacao_523_v2.0.hardmasked.fa.gz

 Cacao Genome Genome Annotation (v2.1)
Predicted gene transcripts (FASTA file, 17MB compressed) Tcacao_523_v2.1.transcript.fa.gz
Predicted gene peptides (FASTA file, 7.4MB compressed) Tcacao_523_v2.1.protein.fa.gz
Predicted gene CDs (FASTA file, 12MB compressed) Tcacao_523_v2.1.cds.fa.gz
Predicted gene models (GFF file, 5MB compressed) Tcacao_523_v2.1.gene.gff3.gz