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National Program 301 - Plant Genetic Resources, Genomics and Genetic Improvement

This information is provided from the following research projects at the SHRS in Miami, FL:

1. Development of an international Marker Assisted Selection program for cacao (CRIS# 6631-21000-017)

2. Conservation and utilization of subtropical/tropical fruit crops, sugarcane, and Tripsacum genetic resources (CRIS# 6631-21000-019)

3. Conservation, Characterization, and Genetic Improvement of Subtropical and Tropical Ornamental Germplasm (CRIS# 6631-21000-018)

Scientists involved with the research:
Raymond Schnell, Cacao Plant Science Director, Mars Inc.
Alan W. Meerow, Research Geneticist/Systematist
Tomas Ayala-Silva, Horticulturist/Curator
Osman Gutierrez, Research Geneticist
David Kuhn, Molecular Biologist
Cecile Tondo, Geneticist
Juan Carlos Motamayor, Research Geneticist, Mars Inc