Cacao Genome Sequencing and Breeders Workshop at PAG 2012

Date: Sunday, January 15
1:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Royal Palm Salons 3-4

Speakers: Cornejo, Omar, Guiltinan, Mark, Gutierrez, Osman Ariel, Haiminen, Niina, Kuhn, David, Lanaud, Claire, Livingstone III, Donald, Loor, Rey G., Maul, Pilar, Maximova, Siela, Royaert, Stefan, Takrama, Jemmy, Umaharan, Pathmanathan, Zhang, Dapeng



  1. 1:35 PM: Adding value to T. cacao germplasm collections combining GWAS and genome sequence analysis - Claire Lanaud
  2. 1:50 PM: Germplasm Resources and their use in the Genomics Era - Pathmanathan Umaharan
  3. 2:05 PM: Assessing the evolutionary history of Theobroma cacao from resequenced genomes - Omar Cornejo
  4. 2:20 PM: Origin and domestication of the Nacional cacao variety from Ecuador and collecting expedition of new related genetic resources - Rey G. Loor
  5. 2:35 PM: Gene synteny among cacao and other plants - Niina Haiminen
  6. 3:10 PM: Identification, analysis and mapping of SNP markers in Theobroma cacao - Donald Livingstone III
  7. 3:25 PM: A Core Set of SNPs for Cacao Genotyping - David Kuhn
  8. 3:40 PM: Marker-assisted farmer participatory selection of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) – progress and challenges - Dapeng Zhang
  9. 3:55 PM: Construction of Genomic Library of Theobroma cacao using Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) - Jemmy Takrama
  10. 4:30 PM: Use of the Matina 1-6 Cacao Genome Sequence to Identify Marker-Trait Associations for Witches' Broom Resistance in Theobroma cacao L - Stefan Royaert
  11. 4:45 PM: Functional analysis of cacao disease resistance genes - Mark Guiltinan
  12. 5:00 PM: Developing a reliable assay for Cacao Swollen Shoot Virus using quantitative PCR - Pilar Maul
  13. 5:15 PM: Whole genome microarray and proteomics analysis of cacao embryogenesis - Siela Maximova
  14. 5:30 PM: Association mapping in cacao - Osman Ariel Gutierrez