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  • Collaborators

    • MARS (Howard Shapiro, Juan Carlos Motamayor)
    • USDA/ARS (Ray Schnell, David Kuhn, Brian Scheffler, Peter Bretting, Don Livingstone)
    • IBM (Laxmi Parida, Niina Haiminen, Filippo Utro)
    • Clemson University Genomics Institute (Chris Saski, Alex Feltus, Barbara Blackmon, Stephen Ficklin, Meg Staton)
    • PIPRA (Alan Bennett)
    • HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology (Jeremy Schmutz)
    • National Center for Genome Resources (Andrew Farmer, Ryan Kim, Jimmy Woodward, John Crow, Joann Mudge, Arvind Bharti, Thiru Ramaraj, Gregory May)
    • Indiana University (Keithanne Mockaitis, Don Gilbert, Ram Podicheti, James Ford, Zach Smith)
    • Washington State University - Main Lab Bioinformatics (Dorrie Main, Ping Zheng, Taein Lee, Stephen Ficklin, Sook Jung)
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  • This brochure introduces CGD and the tools and data available there.
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  • A manuscript is in progress for submission to BMC Genomics. For now please use the URL www.cacaogenomedb.org for citation purposes.


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